The Federal Liberal Government has committed $4 billion to build the East West Link.

All the Andrews Government has to do is SAY YES.


Michael O’ BRIEN MP

Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party 
Leader of the Opposition

Unfortunately, in September 2019 the Andrews Government blocked the East West Link in State Parliament, rejecting the Federal Government’s funding for East West Link.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who use the Eastern Freeway regularly and are sick of being stuck in traffic – you’re not alone, and we need your help!

People are saying they’ve had enough of the gridlock, enough of the additional financial cost, and enough of the wasted hours being stuck in traffic on the Eastern Freeway every week.


The East West Link is a cross-city road bypassing the CBD and connecting the Eastern Freeway with Citylink/Tullamarine Freeway. It provides a much-needed alternative to the Monash and West Gate freeways and connects Melbourne’s freeway networks, and most importantly will slash travel times.

At every turn, the Andrews Government is blocking the East West link. Whether it is ripping up contracts costing taxpayers $1.3 billion or trying to list the Eastern Freeway for heritage status, the Andrews Government is turning its back on what is important to communities in the eastern suburbs.

It’s time to SAY YES to East West. The East West Link is a vital project that needs to be built. With congestion only getting worse, we can’t wait any longer.

Together, we can get our message through, so I encourage you to join with me and SAY YES to East West!

Please sign the petition and share your story about what less time stuck in traffic would mean for you and your family or business, below.

Have your say and object to the
Heritage listing of the Eastern Freeway


We will continue to fight for this vital road project to get you and your family home sooner and safer.

Join with us and SAY YES to East West.

Would building the East West Link allow you to spend more
time with your family and friends?

Would your business benefit from building the East West Link? If so, how?

What would you do with the extra hours in your week, if you had
your travel time slashed? Please share your story!